Intraday Lingo couples OTAS's automated natural language reporting software with our iconic microstructure charts and provides a rich, detailed textual report on single stock trading.
Presented in a timeline sequence of intraday events and driven by OTAS alerts , it helps the reader build a narrative of what has happened during the trading day and identifies those exceptional occurrences in trading behaviour. The component is an integral part of a traders pre-trade strategy analysis allowing them to quickly establish how a stock has traded relative to normal by providing written context and visualizations on areas of statistical relevance. It will also support the basis for order flow implementation decisions including high touch/low touch execution selection.

  • Hovering over any timeline entry highlights the time period in question on the chart
  • Clicking on the timeline entry zooms into that period for greater alert/trend analysis
  • Left mouse click and drag will zoom into a user specified time period on the charts(e.g over the life of an order) for greater alert/trend analysis.

Post Trade TCA

The look-back date facility in the top right-hand corner also records all timeline activity for historic trading sessions providing a record of what happened and when, which offers supportive evidence for a traders decision making in a way that compliance will also recognise and approve.

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